Athletics at KHCS

CLICK HERE to access the Kestrel Hawks athletics portal. There you’ll find team information, full game schedules, conference and tournament updates, and more.

The Kestrel Heights Hawks have a robust athletics program. Our Middle School competes in the Mid-State Conference with Chatham Charter (Siler City), Clover Garden School (Burlington), Cornerstone Charter (Greensboro), Rivermill Academy (Graham), and Woods Charter (Chapel Hill).

The Hawks field teams in 11 sports:

  • Fall – Boy’s Soccer, Cross Country, and Volleyball (girls)
  • Winter – Boy’s Basketball, Cheerleading (co-ed), Girl’s Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)
  • Spring – Baseball, Girl’s Soccer, Softball, and Track and Field

Kestrel Heights School takes pride in offering athletic opportunities that are both competitive and developmental for students in grades 6-8. Interscholastic athletics are historically a significant part of successful educational programs. Athletics offer an opportunity for students to be a part of a team, to compete, to serve their school, to enjoy fellowship, and to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally.

We believe that Kestrel Heights Athletics will provide a unifying influence within our school community. The Kestrel Heights Athletic community will seek to provide each student-athlete with positive experiences that will help them learn to value commitment, responsibility, and loyalty which will guide them for post-school competition in society. We believe that the desire to win is important, but it will never outweigh the well-being of the student-athlete and will be kept in balance with what is best for the team and the individual

If athletics are to be sponsored by the educational system, then athletics must be educative. Responsibility is the main focus of the educative process within Kestrel Heights Athletics. Responsibility in the classroom, to one’s team, self and family are the most important aspects of education within the Kestrel Heights athletic department.

Kestrel Heights Hawks and spectators can be proud of a program that offers opportunities and helps student-athletes become the best that they can be on and off the field of play. Through the experiences gained through athletics, each student-athlete can reach his/her potential both while in school, and later as a contributing member of society.


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