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We have partnered with Duke and Greenlight Ed to complete our daily health screening so we can monitor the overall health of our school community. Please set up your Greenlight account today and complete the survey daily for each child even while your children are learning remotely.  We will use this data and input to ensure we are ready for reopening safely. The links to set up your account are below.

Directions and links to set up your Greenlight Account:

Setting up your account is simple.  Select the link below and follow the instructions included. Families with multiple children will be able to add each child to their account.  Once your account is set up you will see all of your children associated with your account and be able to complete the daily health screening for each of them. After you complete your first survey you will see the Greenlight pass cleared indication.  We will use this “GreenLight” cleared indication during the car line for screening along with their temperature check.  GreenLight also provides support for families that need access to health care, testing, or additional community resources.  Please select the link below to set up your family account now.

How To Register:


Follow instructions as demonstrated on these slides:


You will be asked for an activation code, which is: CleanJump85

Here is a video to help walk you through, if you need additional help Video Instructions!

After creating your account, you can access the web-based app everyday at on your phone or computer. Please complete the symptom survey prior to arriving on campus each day. If you or your student are for whatever reason unable to complete it, the school staff can also help you complete the screening upon arrival.

Please reach out to for all app-related questions.

Please note that the app is not yet in the app store so you can’t just download it at this time.  The developer is currently waiting for approval from Apple. Once you set up your account you can send the link to your phone. Additional resources are below to assist with setting up your phones for easy access to our Greenlight health screening.

Videos to Help you set up your account and add it to the home screen on your phone

Here is a link to a video that walks through registering for Greenlight:

For iPhone Users
For Android Users
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