Lottery Preferences



  • Any child who is qualified under the laws of the state for admission to a public school is qualified for admission to a charter school. In order to apply to a charter school, a parent or guardian must be physically living – “domiciled” – in the state of North Carolina at the time of application. Non-domiciled families must wait until having moved to NC to apply to the school.
  • Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, Kestrel Heights School may refuse admission to any student who has been expelled or suspended from a public school under G. S. 115C-391 until the period of suspension or expulsion has expired.
  • We will honor sibling preference of currently enrolled students in our lottery drawing. The term “siblings” includes any of the following who reside in the same household: half siblings, step siblings, and children residing in a family foster home to be granted enrollment priority.
  • Sibling applicants with shared birth dates (twins, triplets, etc.) will be admitted in the lottery together.
  • We do not offer surname preference in our lottery.


  • Lottery (new student applications) are accepted beginning October 1 of the previous school year.
  • Application deadline for new year lottery is the last Friday in February.
  • The Lottery is held on the first Friday in March each year.
  • Enrollment concludes on the 20th day of each school year.