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Spicy Green:

Spicy Green and KHS!

Our 2018-2019 caterer will be Spicy Green! Chef Ashlyn Smith is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI, where she received her Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts. Prior to starting her culinary education, she was the Grand Prize Winner of the 2002 National High School Recipe Contest.  Visit to learn more about Spicy Green Gourmet.

Lunch cost $4.00 per student per meal for all students at KHCS. You will add money to your student’s account via the portal. The link to the instructions is below. This will allow you to put money on your student’s card by the meal.  So, a week’s worth of lunch is $4 (price per meal) x 5 days (school week) = $20.  A month would be $100.

You can also apply for Free or Reduced Lunch.

Review the FAQ HERE.

We will only serve students who have pre-ordered lunch. The Lunchtime System will allow parents to pre-order meals, to add funds and track the meals balance. KHS will order lunch from our catering company according to the meals ordered by parents. We will order the exact number for lunch; therefore, there is no way for a student to eat if a parent did not pre-order online.

All parents of students who choose to eat from school’s lunch regardless of their status (Free, Reduced or Paid) have to use this system to pre-order the meals. Pre-order meals must be in by 5pm the day before the meal is being pre-ordered.

If you need assistance please contact Maureen Gordon at or (919)484-1300 ext. 126

Please review the attachment below.  It contains the information for creating your Lunch Account and how to pre-order meals for your child(ren).
Read it carefully, then click the link below to get started with the setup.

Account Setup Instructions

How To Pre-Order Instructions

Lunch Payment/Ordering Portal

Meal Charge Policy