Parent Testimonials


From real Kestrel Heights parents. See what they have to say!

“One of the many things that makes Kestrel Heights a great school are the teachers.  They are dedicated and committed to helping the children be successful and they take extra steps to make sure this happens.  The teachers at KHS are there for the love of teaching and to make a positive difference.”

Karyn Wilkerson

“Our rising 2nd grader has thrived at Kestrel.  We especially appreciate the small class sizes, emphasis on educating the whole child, and the devoted and talented teachers and staff.”

Lauren and Jeff Qualls

“Kestrel has been our children’s 2nd home for 3 years now. My son started in middle school 6th and we were very impressed with the challenges, the teachers and the way of teaching that got my son thinking and working with his brain and his hands. The projects were challenging and fun!! The field trips they take are fun and educational. And the end of year trips are the best!!!! My daughter started in 3rd grade and is now entering 6th grade at kestrel. Our youngest started in kindergarten and is now going to 2nd. All of the teachers have been wonderful. I feel my children are known on a personal level by these teachers. They take the time to know these children’s strengths and weaknesses, And challenge them appropriately. We plan to stay at kestrel all through middle with our youngest. Our family will be kestrel proud for another 7 years!!!! “

“I have 3 and soon to be 4 children in the K through 8 portion of Kestrel Heights since the opening of the Elementary School 5 years ago.

My experiences have all been positive.  I am grateful to have a high quality public school alternative for my district.  Without naming other schools, I have found the smaller class sizes and more challenging/rigorous curriculum crucial to preparing a stronger educational foundation for my children’s future.

In addition, the teachers have ALL been highly committed as well as easily contactable.

Thank you Kestrel Heights for providing an environment that challenges my children further every day and better prepares them for such a competitive world!”

Scott Mitchell Rose

As a parent of a rising 5th grader and of a senior who just graduated I cannot say enough about how much this school has done for my children, particularly my daughter.  My daughter who just graduated has a chronic illness which started in 8th grade.  Although the last 5 years have been tougher than you can imagine, the Kestrel staff made an impossible situation doable.  Time and time again the teachers, front desk staff, principals, etc went above and beyond to help Sara get what she needed to be able to get the most out of school and graduate with her class.  I have remarked to many other people how I cannot imagine any other public school working so hard to help a kid in need.  I know the amount of class she missed and the extra time spent helping her catch up when she felt well again had to be frustrating for all, but they worked tirelessly to stick with her and the result was that she accomplished her dream and was able to graduate with her class regardless of what this illness has taken from her.  I will be eternally grateful for the support of the Kestrel family through this time.

Both of my children are in the EC program at Kestrel.  I was impressed with the support my daughter got in high school, but as my 4th grade son got diagnosed with ADHD and needed EC care this year I am again impressed that this level of care and support is available in elementary as well. 

The teachers at Kestrel are an amazing team.  I have worked with teachers in other local elementary schools and have found that some care and some do not.  I only once encountered a Kestrel teacher who didn’t seem to truly care about their students – and that teacher is no longer there.  This tells me that the Board of Directors and principals seek to having an engaged, committed staff…..and it shows!

Thank you Dr. Tracy for your leadership.  There has truly been a huge positive change since you have come on board.   I know that Kestrel has been a challenge that no one would have predicted, but I for one appreciate you sticking with us and getting the school through the most difficult year imaginable.  Your hard work does not go unnoticed. 

Thanks to the Kestrel team for all they do!

Scott Mitchell Rose

“Yo soy Marby , mi hijo ya tiene un año de estar en Kestrel elementary school, y la experiencia que hemos tenido es la mejor. Los profesores y todos los miembros de esta gran escuela hace de ella una muy buena institución para educar y formar nuestros hijos. Tengo otro niño de 4 años el cuál estoy muy deseosa de qué este en la edad adecuada para que este también en Kestrel elementary school. Kestrel Heights School la mejor!!!”